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  Goal : “Industry Ready?Output
Industry&##39;s effort to train our trainees before placing them on job should be nil to minimum.
  Short (current year) and Medium Term (1-3 years) Actions:
Micro level list of skills required by Industry
  • The micro level list should be first prepared by ITI Industry Interface Cell and will be fine tuned after getting the inputs      from Industry.

    Short term courses to fulfill the gaps between Industry requirements and our curriculum.

  • We propose to offer short term courses to fulfill the gaps between Industry requirements and our curriculum to     ensure Industry Ready output till the curriculum updates catch up.

    Guest lectures to fulfill the gaps as above.
  • The guest lectures mentioned here are different than guest lectures required to handle the basic topics of the     curriculum.

    Formal recommendation (every 3 months) to DET for curriculum updates to bridge the gaps.
    Involvement of Industry representatives during practical exams (only as an observer).
  • During the practical exams, industry representatives assess the skills absorbed by the student as well as the     testing and examination standards.
    Goal : “Industry Ready?Output
  • Mock interviews by industry at the middle of the term to assess deficiencies and to recommend remedies.
  • Training to trainers to handle skill gaps on a longer run.
  • Placement of students in the industry for 2 weeks per term.
  • Constitute “Industry Interface Cell? (Objectives, Budget, Processes, Team) (One faculty 10 Industries.)
  • Faculty motivation for Industry Interface (Incentives, recognition, awards).
  • Skill wise certification of trainees by Industries.
  • Industry visit of trainees and faculty to understand products, processes and plant.
  • Training modules for supportive skills: Communication, Reporting, Customer Service.
  • Assessment of faculty by the Industry to identify requirements for skill enhancement.
  • Industrial training to faculty 1 week per term.
  • Industry ready certification by Industry.
    Goal : 100% Placement
    Short and Medium Term Actions:

  • To form a placement cell with involvement of faculty, IMC, students, industry members.
  • To prepare the profile of all the students
  • To know about the industry requirements at micro and macro levels.
  • To submit the profiles and the synopsis CD to industry.
  • To post information about students as well as the synopsis on the website.
  • To host an event inviting industry to know about the initiatives of the placement cell.
  • Registration of students with the employment department.
  • Questionnaire to know the career interest of the students.
  • Preparing the students for interviews: impart the basic skills.
  • Mock interviews.
  • Leadership events at the campus to develop confidence
  • On campus work activities to build experience.
  • Submission of the profile to employment agencies and industries.
  • Formation of industry interface cell with one faculty for 10 industries.
  • Industry Interface Cell to communicate the wish list of specific industries to the placement cell.
  • Student resumes and web pages
  • Career news and opportunities to be cut and pasted at the placement office or placement corner.
  • Industry mentorship (Selection of trainees by the industries at the onset of the course and grooming of these     students by industry as a mentor).
  • Campus interviews
  •   Goal : Campus Infrastructure
    Short and Medium Term Actions:

    (Medium Term)
  • Audio Visual Hall.
  • Wireless Internet and broadband
  • Library with computer based information, books and periodicals and library management software.
  • Good quality building exteriors
  • MIS software based operations.
  • Auditorium with a capacity of 250 persons.

    (Short Term)
  • Classrooms with good ambience, sitting arrangement, boards.
  • Distance learning arrangement with satellite disc
  • Good landscapes
  • Well equipped laboratories.
  • Campus store.
  • Information kiosk
  • Website
  • Regular maintenance for cleanliness.
  • Preventive maintenance of equipment and premises.
  • Campus newsletter
  • Adequate quality Hostel accommodation
  • Marketing and Public relations Cell
  • Press releases, advertisements, publications.

    Goal : Diversified Trades and courses
    Short and Medium Term Actions:
    (Medium Term)
  • Industry specific training programmes at ITIs and at Industries (like an industry extension, using the infrastructure     provided by the industry)
  • New trades Cell to explore, identify, propose and commence new trades
  • Different admission criteria or a different batch for employed persons.

    (Short Term)
  • New trades and courses should be offered for students as well as industrial workforce.
  • Short term courses to cover technology supplement to catch up with new developments.
  • State and Central level ITI meets and Internet forums to exchange information about new courses.
  • Issues related to new trades and courses to be handled by a state level and central level committee with IMC     participation.

  • Goal : Fully trained faculty
    Short and Medium Term Actions:
  • A format for faculty skill assessment : academic and co-curricular.
  • Areas of interest of faculty members in terms of cultivation of new skills.
  • Motivation to faculty for involvement in various co-curricular initiatives and activities.
  • Faculty skill assessment by industries, consultants.
  • Faculty skill enhancement programs.
  • Industry visits by faculty.
  • Faculty visits to industrial exhibitions (procedures to be specified)
  • Training on student advisor-ship
  • Industrial training to faculty.
  • Identify subject experts among different ITIs to impart training to trainers.
    Goal : Self Sufficiency ¨C Financial
    Short and Medium Term Actions:

    (Medium term) 50%-70%
  • Industry Interface Cell to apprise industry about development plans and needs
  • Industry Interface Cell to procure new, used and obsolete equipment from industries.
  • Course sponsorship by Industry To get industry&##39;s help after convincing them of reduction in their recruitment and training cost.
  • Job work from industries. (handled by trainees and faculty)
  • Special training modules for industries.
  • Earnings from study materials

    (Shorter Term) 10% to 20%
  • To achieve 10-20% self sufficiency (Salary to permanent staff, Basic fees from students, Cost of infrastructure and    its maintenance excluded)
  • Active Alumni Association
  • Alumni Interface Cell - whereabouts of alumni
  • Institute newsletter to ex-students
  • Event sponsorships by industry.

    Goal :To inculcate Entrepreneurship
    Short and Medium Term Actions:
    (Medium term) 50%-70%
  • Entrepreneurship Cell
  • Seminars on entrepreneurship
  • Compilation of Projects with investment, prospects, man-machinery-material information.
  • Incubation center at ITIs for grooming entrepreneurship.
  • Job work from Industries at ITIs

    To provide the world standard training facilities and skilled man-power as per technological demand of industries and successful implementation of the scheme. The goal will be achieved by

    (i)Institutional Management

     ► More autonomy to be provided & more managerial staff at assistant level is to be increase.
     ► Management Information System (MIS) & Quality Management System should be implemented more effectively      and efficiently.
     ► Managerial staff has to be given Executive level training.
      To make cluster of industry.
      Survey for MES

    (ii)Teaching / Training Staff

      Existing Staff development by advance training
      Recruitment or Contractual of new qualified staff
      Guest lecturers are to be invited for specific topic

    (iii)Teaching / learning resource
      Modern library as required
      Advance training centre for staff
      interaction with industry

    (iv)Training facilities

      Modern machineries
      Building civil & electrical work are to be renovated
      Audio-video aids for theory / laboratory

    (v)Linkage with the labour market
      feed back from employer
      survey of skill-set require for industry
      Development of an appropriate Labor Market Information System that will assess trends in labor market demand,      identify emerging sectors and skill mix requirements.
      To develop and Implement procedures and systems for monitoring outcomes effectively, e.g. Tracer Studies,       Employer¡¯s Studies.

    Constraints faced and recommended actions
  • Lack of faculty / human resources to handle Industry Interface Cell, New Trades Development Cell , Placement Cell,     Entrepreneurship Cell activities and/or write the procedures for the same
     (We recommend to depute faculty members on committed basis or to recruit guest staff to act as coordinators and handle the activities under these functional cells.)
  • Lack of classrooms and laboratory equipment.
    (We recommend to expedite the process. We also suggest that new modules should not begin till the required infrastructure is in place)
  • Purchase process takes very long time
    (We recommend to expedite the process.)
  • Disbursement of funds takes very long time
    (We recommend to expedite the process. We also suggest that the A.O. attends the IMC meeting and makes commitments to execute the IMC decisions for disbursement in time or in advance, if necessary)
  • IMC needs to have more active involvement of members.
    (We recommend that new members should be added to IMC and some of the inactive members should be replaced.)
  • Formal reporting from Principal to IMC
    (Standard formats should be prescribed and implemented by DET for the Principal to report to IMC on fortnightly basis.)
  • Admission criteria does not permit to prefer employed workforce over the fresh students.
    (We recommend that IMC should be allowed to frame course specific rules to accommodate qualified staff from industry even when they do not show up in the traditional merit list. If this can not be done, special batches should be conducted for Industry Staff)
    Resource Requirement
    Immediate to 3 years:

        Human Resources: Faculty on deputation or coordinators to handle various tasks under Industry Interface Cell,        Placement Cell, New Trades Cell, Incubation Centre.  
    •  Rs. One crore required for alteration & addition for the next 5 year.
    •  Rs. Five lack for establish of language lab during next 5 year.
    •  Rs. Sixteen lacks for staff training during next 5 year.
    •  Rs. Four lack for ISO & NABVT (QCI) certification during next 3 year.
    •  Rs. Ten lack for auto trades groups during next 5 year.
    •  Rs. One crore Fifty lacks for modernization of machineries during next 5 year.
    •  Rs. Ten lack for Information Technology during next 3 year.
      Rs. Two lack for website development during next 3 year. 

    Physical Human
    1. Give advance training to existing Staff at Industry, Organization, Govt. Training Center .
    2. Recruitment as Guest faculty through Industries.

    Financial Resource
    1. Training cum Production Centre
    2. Institute and Industries Interaction for giving training
    3. Through Government fund
    4. Donation from Organization
    5. Trainees fees
    Methodology to make assessment of achievement of targets
      ► Cluster of Industries
    •  We will try for minimum 10 Industry around in the Ankleshwar & those who play the role of Institute     Development Industries

     Advance Infrastructures

    •  Existing Infrastructures will be upgraded •  For infrastructure we will get support from Industries
    •  Support from Govt. fund

     Staff Training
    •  Existing staff will be upgraded
    •  Visiting faculty from Industry
    •  New recruitment

     Local Survey
    •  Demand of skill man power as required industry
      Through NGO

     Admission Process through industry
    •  Selection of Trainees through IMC
      Career counseling by Industries, prior to admission
      As per the government rules

    Training by institute and industries
    •  Seminar & Workshop
      Industry Visit & Presentation
      Faculty Skill Enhancement
    •  Industry Involvement at all level

    •  Career counseling and information
      Resume preparation, website posting
    •  Applicant groups on basis of skill match as per industry expectations
    •  Forwarding of summary statements to potential employers and recruiting agencies
    •  Campus interviews, mock tests and interviews

    Training of Private candidates
    •  Under MES Scheme
    •  Exam conduct by Industry
      Part time certificate given by IMC
    Sustainability Plan
      The gains made under the project will be sustained as per the following plans and activity.
    Production and job work will be done and services will be rendered to generate revenue and make training more    effective.
    Self finance based short term training modules is to be introduce to generate revenues.
      Tailor made / Customized Training Programms for turn key projects are to be introduced to earn revenues.
    Testing and certifications of skill acquired by informal means. Revenues will be generated by the testing and     certification charges.
    Donations and subsidized purchasing of Equipments and Machineries required.
      Joint seminars and workshops to be arranged with the active participation of the industries.
      Transfer of faculties to exchange and up grade of knowledge and skill between institute and industries.
      To utilize central and state grants under planned scheme.
      To gain the benefit of the other Government / Semi Government schemes.
    Income from sale of study materials and other publications
    •  Pre-deployment training center for industries
    •  Industry contributions by way of equipment, services and funds
    •  Job work Activities through training cum production centre
    •  Sale of IT products and services, Software utilities, on line assessment modules, books, etc .  

    IT related Job-work services offered to Industries and organizations.
      PC Maintenance
      Data Entry
      Web development •  Multimedia work •  PCB Design (CAD) •  Computer Aided Design work

    Assembly and testing (Electronics Products)

    Self assessment of achievements v/s objectives
    •  Assessment of Trainees and Staff

    Fabrication work
      Computer Training to House wife
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